Unlike other firearm parts it is easy to find 80 lower receivers for sale in bulk. It
sounds odd, but the reason it is somewhat common is because it is so
beneficial. There is also the simple fact that you can’t stop building at one
rifle. I always say building rifles is like eating chips, you can’t just have
one. Here are the five biggest benefits to buying lower receivers in bulk. 

80 Lower Receiver in Bulk

1. Saves Money
Buying 80 lower receivers
in bulk is just like buying something like soda in bulk, it’s cheaper. Simply
put, you can save a considerable amount of money by buying 80 percent lowers in
bulk groups of 3 to 5. Most people don’t build one rifle. Building AR 15s is
fun, and there are tons of different configurations one can invest in. I’m on
my fourth build and have built a MIL Spec M4 clone, a superbly lightweight 300
Blackout, and a 9mm AR 15.

If you and a group of friends are all looking to build ARs, you can pool money
together, buy in bulk and save some considerable funds. Buying a 5 pack of 80
lower receivers from us saves about 40 dollars total, that’s the price of a mil
spec lower parts kit.

2. Great Way to Host a Build Party
Speaking of friends, if you wanted to host a ‘build’ party you can save even
more money. The cost of 80 percent lower receivers is one thing, but the cost
of tools is another. A build party allows a group of friends or family members
to share tools and build their lower receivers together. This reduces the cost
due to tools cost, is a fun way to spend an evening, and allows people to
potentially take expertise from more experienced builders. 

3. Allows You to Have “Back ups”
Finishing an 80 lower receiver isn’t
exceptionally difficult. Even an inexperienced builder can finish one. However,
people make mistakes all the time. You may drill too deep, misalign trigger
holes, or drill into the rear pivot pin detent pocket. Ruining an 80 lower
receiver means it’s time to start over. Having a few backups laying around in
case something does go wrong can be a wise investment.

4. Allows Preparation for Future Laws
Try to buy an AR 15 in California right now. Good luck is all I can say. New
laws have taken effect in 2017 to make it even more difficult to own an AR 15
rifle. Having a few 80 percent lowers on hand allows you to store some away and
prepare for future laws. 80 lower
are not considered firearms and can be legally stored, sold, and
given away without being regulated by firearms laws.

5. Makes Great Gifts
Buying in bulk gives people the ability to give some unique gifts. 80 percent
lowers as gifts is completely legal. Even in states where a transfer of a
firearm must go through an FFL, including gifts, an 80 percent is not
considered a firearm. As long as it has not been milled into a 100% lower you
can give them away. You can even mail them, or bring them across state lines
legally. The added bonus is getting everyone in the family an 80 percent lower
means you can have a family build party.

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