2016 has been an exciting year at AR-15 Lower Receivers. The passage of new laws around the country
has cemented the necessity of 80% lower receivers for American gun owners. It’s
been a big year for gun owners in general, however, the year is over and we
wanted to share with you our most popular products of 2016. 

1. Beautifully Basic – The 1 Pack 80% AR-15 Lower Receiver 
One of the best choices for those looking to dive into the market of building
AR 15s is our single 80% lower receiver. It’s made of anodized 7075-T6
aluminum. It’s anodized black and this acts as a protective coating against the
great outdoors. This is the perfect receiver for someone looking to make a high
quality, but budgeted build. 

80% Lower

2. Mil Spec Masterpiece – The 1 Pack 80% AR-15 Lower Receiver With Fire/Safe Engraving
Most 80% lower receivers are plain cut. Obviously there are no manufacturer
markings, but the lack of a Fire and Safe engraving may drive some crazy. Undoubtedly,
these were popular because people like their Fire / Safe markings. It is safer
and it’s closer to a Mil Spec build than being completely smooth. 

80% Lower Fire/Safe

3. Extras are Always Handy – End Mill Bits
When it comes to milling an aluminum receiver I always advise having extra
tooling. Cutting through aluminum can be rough, and it can break end mills
easily. Having an extra end mill laying around is an affordable insurance
policy to finishing your AR-15 lower
. Keeping your build in motion is a must, so preparing with a few
extra end mill bits is very much encouraged.

End Mill Bit

4. Two is One – Forged 80% Lower 2 Pack
You can never build just one AR 15. It’s an addicting hobby. Buying in bulk not
only gives you additional options to build different rifles, but also saves you
considerable money. Our receivers are forged, and made from tough 7075-T6
aluminum. They are 100% mil spec from the metals used to the finish applied. 

Black 80% Lowers 2-Count

5. The Friends and Family Pack – Forged 5 Pack 80% Lower Receivers
Building AR 15s is not a lonesome task. The fact that one of our best selling
items is actually a 5 pack of lower receivers. A lot of people build rifles in
rifle parties. Groups of friends and family get together, spend some quality
time together and build rifles. 

Black 80% Lowers 5 Pack

Alternatively, a builder may want to build a wide variety of different AR 15
style weapons or may want to stock up in case of future laws. Giving AR-15 lower receivers as a gift and
buying in bulk reduces cost and increases simplicity.

Onwards to 2017
2017 looks like it may be a big year in the gun world. More and more companies
are releasing magazines, ammunition, accessories, and more in the AR 15 space.
We look forward to seeing what lies ahead in 2017 and want to invite you to
follow along with us.

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