Completing your AR-15 Lower Receiver build can be a major
undertaking. Joining a build party can be a great way to enjoy it even
more. Here are our top 5 reasons to join
a build party!

1. Experienced Builders – Being the new guy at a build party is nothing to be ashamed of. It is actually an advantageous position since you’ll have the ability to learn from
other’s mistakes. At a build party, you can learn from more experienced builders
who can show you the “ins and outs” of building a rifle. Finishing an AR-15 lower receiver isn’t difficult, but having more experienced
builders around can make things go a little faster, and a lot smoother. You can
also avoid making small, but common mistakes.

Remember you must build your lower
. Experienced builders can be used for
advice, but they can’t finish your lower for you.

2. Tool Sharing – Good tools are expensive. Especially drill presses and routers. As a new
builder you may not know exactly what tools you need, so you can borrow the
small tools like roll pin punches and AR wrenches. Sharing jigs is possible,
but just remember some jigs are only designed to be used once or twice. Our
high quality heavy duty jig can be used for more than 20 AR-15 lower receivers.  Also worth noting. if
the tools are part of a business it is a no-no to use them. Individuals can
complete 80% lowers, businesses cannot.

3. Cost Effective – If you are planning to attend or host a build party, more likely than not, the
most effective method of purchasing lowers is in bulk. Bulk lower receivers usually
come in 2 to 5 packs (and even up to 10 packs of 80% lowers) and can be packaged with a nice heavy duty jig and tooling.
These bulk packs are the more affordable and convenient option for purchasing an
AR-15 lower receiver and the tooling to finish them. 

80 Lower Receiver 5 Pack with Easy Jig

4. Help Educate Others on the 2nd Amendment – If this isn’t your first build, or build party, you probably understand the
importance of the 2nd Amendment. Build parties allow you to reach out to new
gun owners and builders and educate them on why the 2nd Amendment is important.
Firearm build parties are a uniquely American creation. We have a 2nd
Amendment, and the best kind of party to celebrate it is a build party.

5. It Is Fun – There are plenty of reasons to build an AR 15 and to finish an
AR-15 lower receiver. One of those reasons is simply, it is fun. Building rifles
is a joy, a challenge, and is quite rewarding. Doing it as a party multiplies
the fun factor.

*Bonus* – Buying in Bulk – I mentioned buying in bulk previously. There is an additional benefit to buying
in bulk. It simplifies logistics. When buying in bulk you are buying one type
of lower. Many types of lower exist, forged, billet, polymer, etc. They each
require different jigs and tooling to finish. Buying in bulk ensures everyone
has the right gear.

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