AR15lower receivers come in a variety of different shapes, styles, and
material. Plenty of terms can be applied to separating AR15lowers into
different classes. However, the three most important terms are stripped,
complete and 80% lower. These are important terms because they deal with both
functionality and legality. 

Completed Lower
A completed or complete AR15lower is a broad term that covers a variety of
components and receivers. A complete lower is considered an actual firearm and regulated
by Federal and state law.
This term is applied in the following connotations.

1. A completed lower is often a term applied when someone purchases a lower receiver that is pre built. Meaning it has the lower parts kit and buffer assembly installed. These are considered firearms and fall under state and federal law. 

2. An 80% AR15lower receiver can
become a completed lower by milling out the fire control pocket. By law, an 80%
lower becomes a completed lower as soon as the first hole is drilled into the
fire control pocket. At this point it is illegal to give or sell the gun to anyone without the proper licenses. 

Complete AR15lowers are the simplest way to build a rifle. You simply attach it
to a complete upper and call it a day. You do not have control of the specific components used though.

Stripped Lower

A stripped lower is similar to a completed lower in several ways. A stripped lower is a lower receiver without a lower parts kit. It is a 100% lower and is
considered a firearm and subject to all laws
. In a sense, a stripped lower
is no different than a complete lower in that both are 100%
lower receivers and are classified as firearms.

A stripped AR15lower does allow you to pick and choose each component that goes
inside of it. Stripped lowers are also often cheaper than complete lowers, as it does not contain the lower parts kit to fully function.

80% Lower

80% AR15lower receivers are not considered firearms
. They can be shipped
through the mail without an FFL, and can be shipped from door to door. An 80%
lower still has its firing control pocket milled into it, and this requires
some machining to do. 

Two 80% AR15Lower Receivers

An 80% receiver allows shoppers and builders to build their rifle from the ground up. Building an AR-15 with an 80% lower is more challenging, but also more rewarding. The
process isn’t complicated, but requires some patience and time. It is also the more affordable route to take when it
comes to building with a billet AR15lower receiver. These can be ordered and shipped to any
state, without a waiting period, or the obnoxious DROS fee California requires. has a great selection of forged and billeted lowers, as
well as jigs, tooling, and the parts to make a rifle go bang.

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